About Us

Welcome to Protips2u, the most genuine and profitable investment advisory service online.

Established since 2007, protips2u has a reliable track record on picks given to our customers in getting the most return out from their investment. If you are serious about profiting from your investment, protips2u may help you. It is possible that money can be made from gambling and impossible that the bookmakers will always wins, these are often the words of a losing punter and protips2u has proven the opposite over the past and will continue to do so.


As always, our aims are to beat the bookmakers over a whole season, something that has never failed to happen in nearly every season of operation, as per our tips VS results page.


Protips2u comprises a group of very experienced and professional experts who can analyze the odds movements controlled by the top manipulator and operators of soccer matches. There are peoples who set and influence the Asian handicap odds for all bookmakers around the world, and that explains why odds fluctuate wildly just an hour before the match kickoff.


We are able to determine and gauge the outcome of matches base on odds movements and we also receive information from European football club members in order to give the most accurate tips for you!


Every tips we provide are 100% genuine european soccer betting tips information as all our tips provided are sent directly from our HQ based in London, United Kingdom.


Our key features:

  • One of the LOWEST PRICE INVESTMENT TIPS in the market that is affordable for all types of punters
  • PROVEN consistent and reliable service since 2nd September 2007
  • Solid background with a team of EXPERIENCED TOP-RANKED SOCCER EXPERTS
  • 100% GENUINE London soccer betting tips
  • Members are assured by 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + 1 FREE REPLACEMENT TIPS if the result differs from our prediction.